Writing preregistration evidences can be tricky this guide will help break it down for you. During your pre-registration year, apart from the exam at the end of the year, in order to be put through to sit the examination, you have to prove to your tutor that you are competent. This is done through providing written evidence. It is important to note that doing something once does not make you ‘competent’, being competent is about consistency. There are 76 performance standards which are grouped into three sub sections:

  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Medicines & Health

When it comes to writing evidences each tutor has different expectations as to the number that you need to do and how many evidences you need per competency. As a rough guideline, 3-5 evidences per competency should be enough. In terms of writing evidences, it is a good idea to read the performance standards and familiarise yourself with the standards during your induction. It can be quite hard to remember what you do everyday whilst at work so it may be useful to keep a diary of what you do each day and every few days to reflect back and see if anything that you have done is sufficient to claim any performance standards.

When actually writing up an evidence, it is good practice to actually quote the performance standard somewhere in your write up as this makes it easier for your tutor to see that you have actually met that competency for example, I communicated effectively in English as…

It can take a few attempts at your first evidence to get it completely correct as the style of writing also has to flow and this can take getting used to.

During the pre-registration year, there are four formal appraisals:

  • Appraisal 1- 13 weeks
  • Appraisal 2- 26 weeks
  • Appraisal 3 – 39 weeks
  • Final declaration – 49 weeks

In order to keep on top of your evidences and to be organised such that your tutor can sign you off during your formal appraisals, 2 evidences should be done each week. This may seem like quite a lot, however, as you get towards the end of the pre-registration year and your final declaration is coming up, there will be extra pressure of revision and you do not want to be in a situation where there are competencies for which you do not have any evidences.

There are a few exceptions of a couple of performance standards for which you only need to have 1 piece of evidence and that is for:

  • A4.8 – Have successfully carried out a small, planned audit assignment &
  • C2.10 – demonstrate awareness of emergency first aid

For section A.5 Demonstrate ongoing learning & development, the 7 performance standards can be claimed by doing CPDs. For the pre-registration year it is recommended that you do 5 CPDs, however your pre registration tutors may ask for more as these can be considered records of evidence.

Finally it is important that during your cross-sector (either in a hospital or community pharmacy) that you make sure you know which performance standards you need to achieve during that time. This is because there are some performance standards that are hospital specific and some that are community specific, and you will not get extra time to go back to your cross sector placement in order to claim evidences that you may have forgotten about.

Shazia Karsan

Pre-registration Pharmacist

Croydon University Hospital