The Pharmacy Show is one of the most important conferences on the pharmaceutical industry’s calendar. Unless you’re an executive of the BPSA, students are not allowed to attend the conference as it is strictly a professionals-only conference. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to attend the conference at the first opportunity, as it is the best way to get a view of the pharmaceutical profession as a whole.

In one giant room you have lecture theatres designed for the provision of clinical, business, and professional talks and debates, and even a special area in which the BPSA host a pre-registration conference. Some of the most esteemed representatives in the industry attended, such as the NPA, PDA, RPS and GPhC. Alongside the more established names, representatives of small and large chain pharmacy groups also attended, as did delegates from companies such as GSK, TEVA, and Reckitt Benckiser. A number of university ambassadors could also be spotted in abundance, ensuring that every voice, from every corner of the profession was heard.

The show ran over two days, and really had something for everyone. Whether you were just looking to improve your knowledge, or looking to secure a promising business venture, the show offered a number of promising opportunities. For the pre-registration pharmacist it provided the chance to take a look at the pharmaceutical profession, and further decide the type of career you would want to embark upon. Personally, I was most interested in attending the lectures and debates, and was present at some exciting discussions on the future of the pharmacy profession, the provision of mental health care, and a lecture on the best care for hypertension. I also got a feel for the business side of the profession, and liaised with a number of representatives from many different companies and organisations to gain a better insight into the professional world, and determine how I would like to fit into it.

If  you missed your chance to attend this year, fear not! There are several similar events that happen throughout the year, and they will be posted up on the events tab on the site so please feel free to check back regularly for updates.

Finally, I urge you to attend The Pharmacy Show next autumn, as it is an exciting opportunity to learn, improve yourself, and network!